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End of Days
Prophets of Doom, End of Days, Robert Gleason
Robert Gleason, End of Days
End of Days, Robert Gleason

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"Terrifying, outrageous, eerily prescient. Somebody’s going to burn for this! Let’s hope it isn’t . . . all of us! "

-- , authors of the New York Times bestseller and Paramount film, RELIC

"Gleason does for the end of the world what Milton did for Hell itself. Partly lyrical, entirely entertaining, it is always engrossing and fascinating."

--, award-winning, New York Times bestselling authors of FIRE THE SKY

"Great Caesar’s Ghost! What a story! At times mystical, at others apocalyptic, Robert Gleason brings life to nuclear catastrophe. His images are compelling and at times horrific. His characters take you through an almost mythic experience."

--, author of the New York Times bestseller COLD CHOICES

"One twist and turn after another, END OF DAYS is scary and compelling. A devious plot, it’s spun by a stellar hand, check it out.”

--, New York Times-bestselling author of THE EMPEROR’S TOMB

"Well, Gleason has done it this time for sure with END OF DAYS. Readers diving into Gleason’s world will never again be the same again. END OF DAYS is a nuclear warhead of a novel, which could do for the Anti-Proliferation Movement what SILENT SPRING did for Environmentalism. People will inevitably compare END OF DAYS to such apocalyptic masterworks as THE STAND, LEFT BEHIND, SWAN SONG, FAIL SAFE, DR. STRANGELOVE and THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, but in truth there are no comparisons. END OF DAYS dwarfs all previous efforts. A vision old as the BIBLE, violent as Armageddon itself, END OF DAYS is more than a novel. It is the fulfillment of REVELATION, and all the ancient apocalyptic scrolls rolled into one. This is the End-Time writ large.
    Bravo! Hats off! I wish I could have written END OF DAYS, but I’m man enough to admit that I could not have done it for all the tea in China!"

--, winner of the American Book Award, three American Mystery Awards and author of the New York Times bestseller, THE EXPEDITER

"Just when we thought it was safe to dream again, Robert Gleason has pulled us back, kicking and screaming, to our collective nightmare: nuclear annihilation . . ."


"Robert Gleason has been to the jagged edge of the pit and peeped in; he’s been seared by the heat of the eternal furnace, smelled the brimstone, listened to the mournful wailing of the damned. The Dante of our age, he’s back to tell us about it."

--, author of the New York Times bestseller, ASSASSIN

"Gleason does for the end of the world what Milton did for Hell itself. Partly lyrical, partly farcical, entirely entertaining, END OF DAYS is always engrossing and fascinating. "

--, award-winning, New York Times bestselling authors of FIRE THE SKY and THE DAWN COUNTRY

" I would be hard-pressed to recommend a book equal to the WRATH OF GOD—until now. I’ve just finished END OF DAYS, the prequel to that novel, and I am stunned. What an amazing story, sweeping in scope, terrifying, uplifting, outrageous, funny, and shocking, forming an unforgettable picture of humanity’s “end of days.” And what a stupendous cast of characters, from crazy Russian generals to shamans, torturers, visionaries, religious leaders, scientists, and even a brilliant computer named Thucydides, who is nevertheless flummoxed by the human race and falling in love. The WRATH OF GOD has already become a classic; END OF DAYS will surely follow. Combined, they are a story for the ages."

--, New York Times-bestselling author of IMPACT and BLASPHEMY

END OF DAYS by Robert Gleason has recently received Starred review from some of the most authoritative sources in the business!

Publishers Weekly raves...

"Gleason's work with Junius Podrug on such novels as Apocalypse 2012 and The 2012 Codex has made him an expert on all things apocalyptic, a subject he returns to with gusto in this wildly expansive tale of the coming End Times. Among the principal characters are John Stone, gonzo journalist; Kate Magruder, Stone's ex-girlfriend, whose mother uses her media empire to warn the world about the oncoming nuclear Armageddon and who has built a fortress, the Citadel, where she intends to wait out the war; and Ronald "Cool Breeze" Robinson, a new prisoner in the notorious Texas prison known as Jack Town. And then there are the more bizarre characters: a massive, singing rat known as Sailor, the story's real hero; semi-sentient nuclear weapons; and scores of madmen, killers, sadists, torturers, and evildoers bent on the earth's destruction. It all adds up to a thrilling take on a frighteningly possible future, one that makes the journey in Cormac McCarthy's The Road look like a stroll through the park."


Booklist loved it...

"Gleason tackles Armageddon and emerges with one of the best end-of-the-world thrillers in quite some time. The enormous cast of characters includes reporter Kate Magruder; Kate’s mother, Lydia Lozen (L. L.) Magruder, the great-granddaughter of an Apache shaman; and John Stone, maverick reporter on the trail of stolen nukes. L. L. has been dreaming of the end of the world since childhood, and she now lives in a kind of fortress in the Southwest, where she is prepared for the cataclysm she knows is coming. Meanwhile, Stone, hunting more tangible proof of Armageddon, has disappeared, and it’s up to Kate, his former lover, to find him and forestall the end. A couple of things set End of Days apart from other novels of its type: first, Gleason devotes more space than usual to the buildup, but he holds our interest all the way, generating suspense as he languishes over the details. Second, he excels at mixing biblical prophecy and the predictions of Nostradamus—both are regularly at the core of Armageddon-themed novels—with hard facts about the danger of nuclear proliferation. The combination of resonant myth and on-the-ground reality delivers a narrative knockout punch. Comparisons to Stephen King’s The Stand and Robert McCammon’s Swan Song are well founded, but Gleason’s novel is in a class by itself.
    HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Gleason, executive editor at Tor/Forge, hits the jackpot with this riveting thriller. Prepub buzz is growing steadily with blurbs from A-list genre names (Steven Coonts, Nelson DeMille, Steve Berry) as well as politicians and military types. They’re all singing the same tune: this one is special."


Those who are in-the-know, know...

"Robert Gleason has been pondering the inevitability of a Nuclear Apocalypse for more than twenty years. His thoughts are now words, his words nuclear-tipped missiles coming at us with warp speed. His prose and dialogue have the eye-popping bounce and muscularity of a professional break dancer. Once you enter his nightmare world, you'll race wildly through it to find the nearest exit--only to realize that End Of Days is not a dream. It's just tomorrow arriving a day early. Let us hope it inspires all of us to take action and prevent the ... End of Days. Tick. Tick. Tick ... "

--, former Secretary of Defense, US Senator and author of the New York Times-bestseller, DRAGON FIRE

"A devious, believable tale packed with action and atmosphere. Gleason is at the top of his form, and you’ll hate to see it end. Given current world events, his story unfortunately isn’t that farfetched. The end may be closer than you think.”

--, ( U.S. Army/Special Forces, ret.), co-author of the memoir, HOPE AND HONOR, winner of the William E. Colby Award

"Gleason’s powerful, compelling book is a stark reminder of the peril we face unless we find a way to destroy nuclear weapons before they destroy us."

-- and New York Times bestselling author of Reckless!

"END OF DAYS is one of the reading experiences of my lifetime. Seldom if ever have I read a book that combined such literary power with a factual background that induced those basic components of tragedy, fear and pity, with such incredible intensity. Talk about being riveted to the page! I was transmuted!
Yes, I was frightened at times. But if this vision becomes a reality, as an historian I know it will become part of humanity’s long struggle to survive the worst side of our natures. Gleason has given us characters in this book that also send a message of hope, of ultimate -- to use a word he may not completely endorse -- salvation.
Congratulations to the author. No matter what happens in our precarious future, he’s written a book that people will read and ponder for a long time."

-- , winner of the Lincoln Prize for Lifetime Achievement in History; former President of the American Society of Historians and of PEN; the New York Times-bestselling author of THE SECRET LIFE OF ROBERT E. LEE

"For all the literary praise for Bob Gleason's work, the essence of his gift is that he's a mighty storyteller. This masterful tale of the risks of nuclear Armageddon--and much, much more--can only be compared in its imaginative impact with the seminal novels of the what-if? genre--John Buchan's Greenmantle leaps to mind, as well as Nevil Shute's On The Beach, in the sense that this novel is groundbreaking and peerless in its time."

-- , the New York Times-bestselling author of The War After Armageddon and The Officers' Club

"Writers have brooded over the End Time since Gilgamesh, the Bhagavad Gita and Revelation. Well, END OF DAYS is the ride of a lifetime—or more accurately"of a deathtime!—leaving those epic sagas in the dust! High ambition fully achieved, this is one of those rare books WRITTEN in 3-D! It will take a Spielberg to make a movie of it!
Buy it, read it -- buy it and read it again! Then, find someone you love and read it aloud on a blustery winter night to your friends. This is a novel to share."

-- , winner of two Edgars, a dozen Emmy and Writers Guild nominations and awards as well as the author of THE EXTINCTION EVENT

"In WikiLeaks' release of diplomatic cables, concerns about nuclear terrorism were at the top of the list. Robert Gleason already knew the danger, and his astonishing END OF DAYS reads like a dark prophecy. This brilliantly conceived, ferocious journey into the final fire swept me up with the sheer intensity of the story. A heart-stopping reading experience like this doesn't come often, but when it does, you do not ever forget it. "End of Days" is just that: unforgettable."

-- , the New York Times-bestselling author of HYBRIDS

"I LOVED the book! It's been so long since anyone did a book like this at all, never mind as well Robert Gleason. In END OF DAYS he breathes life into the long dead end-of-the-world tale. Not since Stephen King's THE STAND has anyone so brilliantly envisioned mankind's visceral struggle to survive against evil of all kinds. This is Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD on steroids, filled with unforgettable characters and adrenaline-charged set pieces that make the book altogether impossible to put down. Simply stated, one of those rare books that will haunt you long after the final page is turned. My only regret is that END OF DAYS had to end at all."

-- , author of STRONG AT THE BREAKS

"Booklist said of WRATH OF GOD, the sequel to END OF DAYS: Passionate readers need not fear Philip Roth's lament that fiction is dead, since the writer's imagination is outstripped each night by the evening news. Gleason has conjured up a postnuclear holocaust Islamic horde that has conquered Europe and Asia and is pushing inexorably through the American West. Only a rawhide-tough, old woman, and her unlikely allies--George Patton, Stonewall Jackson, Amelia Earhart, and an adolescent triceratops--stand in the way of the triumph of utter barbarism. Equal parts fantasy, historical fiction, SF, western, and morality play, this novel is sprawling, epic, cinematic, and a ripping good adventure yarn. If Gleason has forgotten anything about fashioning a book that will get widely read, the reader won't discover what it might be. All public libraries will want to put in an order. "

-- , Booklist on WRATH OF GOD, the sequel to END OF DAYS

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