Robert Gleason
End of Days
Prophets of Doom, End of Days, Robert Gleason
Robert Gleason, End of Days
End of Days, Robert Gleason

"The Dante of our age"

-- Stephen Coonts

Based on 28 years of research, Robert Gleason’s END OF DAYS reveals how terrorists will foment nuclear Armageddon in the US and around the world. Publishers Weekly proclaims Gleason’s fictionalized tome “is a thrilling take on a frighteningly possible future.” Booklist confirms, “One of the best end-of-the-world thrillers ... Gleason’s novel is in a class by itself.” Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen described END OF DAYS as “tomorrow arriving a day early. Let us hope it inspires all of us to take action.”


  • The killing of Bin Laden increases the risk that al Qaeda-Taliban units will carry out nuclear attacks on the US, including assaults on US nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons labs. Top al Qaeda leaders have told us how and why they plan on carrying out those attacks.

  • Pakistan’s SSG—their equivalent of Seal Team Six—is training al Qaeda/Taliban units. They have already attacked and destroyed several Pakistani nuclear facilities and heavily secured military bases, which—after they had penetrated multiple layers of protective security— they blew up.

  • New York’s Indian Point nuclear power plant and San Francisco’s Sandia nuclear weapons lab would be almost irresistible targets. We know from their public utterances that they plan to destroy American nuclear facilities and eventually set off nuclear bombs in US cities. The author will also explain why US nuclear weapons labs are almost as poorly secured as US nuclear power plants.

  • Nuclear bomb-fuel is and has been surprisingly easy to steal and why—once in possession of that bomb-fuel—terrorists would find it shockingly simple to cobble together crude but powerful Hiroshima- or Nagsaki-style bombs.

  • In END OF DAYS Robert Gleason dramatizes how well-coordinated nuclear terrorist attacks could provoke global Armageddon . . . a Nuclear End of Days.

  • Nuclear power is the Trojan Horse inside of which the nuclear proliferators and their illegitimate offspring, the nuclear terrorists, hide.

  • Why President Obama isn’t doing more to prepare the country for nuclear terrorist attacks, including assaults on US nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons labs.

  • Why President Obama isn’t doing more to prevent a nuclear 9/11.

About Robert Gleason

Robert Gleason

ROBERT GLEASON has dedicated nearly 30 years to researching the threat of nuclear terrorism and the possibility of nuclear annihilation. He was recently featured in the History Channel special “Prophets of Doom.” He has also had an extremely long and exceptionally successful career as an acquisitions editor in New York publishing. Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, Nancy Friday, Harold Robbins, Father Andrew Greeley, Joy Fielding, Margaret Truman, Jack Anderson, Whitley Strieber, Ed McBain, Ice-T, Reggie Jackson, and Former Secretaries of Defense Casper Weinberger and William Cohen are among the hundreds of notables and bestselling authors that Gleason has signed up and edited.

He has worked for Simon & Schuster-Pocket Books, Playboy Press and for the last 28 years at Tor/Forge Books, where he is executive editor. He has published more than a dozen novels on his own and coauthored several, most recently, Apocalypse 2012. In 1995 New York City named a day after Robert Gleason for the work he’d done for prison literacy—which included editing and publishing a sizable number of inmates and ex-offenders—and which has included speaking in many, many prisons. He had a starring role in the History Channel’s two-hour special, PROPHETS OF DOOM.

Robert Gleason was born in Michigan City, Indiana. He has an AB in English literature from Indiana University, a master’s degree in English from the University of Wisconsin and he attended the Sorbonne, all of which were financed by seven hellish years in the Gary steel mills. He has worked in New York book publishing as an acquisitions editor pretty much forever. When he began, he says, he and his colleagues "chiseled books on the walls of caves." He lives in New York City

Robert Gleason Speaks

Military officers, politicians, reviewers and other pundits regard Robert Gleason as a top authority on nuclear terrorism. He starred in a two-hour History Channel special, in which he analyzed the subject of nuclear terrorism in depth and at length. Having spent 41 years as an acquistions editor, he also knows book publishing, what authors need to do to get published and how to find employment in the book industry.

You can contact his speaking agent, Mariann Donato, at> for speaking engagements.

A Page-Turning, Heart-Stopping Epic Novel of Nuclear War, Based on 28 Years of Real-News Research into the Feasibility of Nuclear Annihilation



A small terrorist organization enlists its best and brightest to sneak into the nuclear storage facilities of the world’s great powers and smuggle out ample nuclear-bomb fuel for their mission. Then, the terrorists cobble together a crude nuke capable of wreaking staggering devastation, Hiroshima- or Nagasaki-style. Then, the terrorists nuke the great powers, framing other great powers for the crime. In retaliation, the great powers start nuking one another. In a flash, the small terrorist organization has orchestrated a global nuclear Armageddon.

Sounds like horror fiction? In fact, it’s an extremely plausible likelihood, according to noted editor, author, and the world’s foremost expert on nuclear terrorism, Robert Gleason. In his resoundingly acclaimed new novel, END OF DAYS (Forge Books; ; $24.99 Hardcover; ISBN: 978-0-7653-2992-9), Robert Gleason brings this horrific scenario masterfully, chillingly, and, above all, believably to life. Inspired by a prediction futurist Herman Kahn made 50 years ago, this gripping work of fiction is backed by Gleason’s rigorous research—nearly 30 years’ worth of probing the alarming lack of security at nuclear storage facilities in the U.S. and other countries; the shocking availability of nuclear bomb-fuel and bomb-building technology for sale, by governments and on the black market; and the ease of making crude but frighteningly effective nuclear bombs.

Gripping and harrowing, END OF DAYS weaves an intricate, action-packed plot around the very real possibility of nuclear apocalypse. It begins in Mecca with Kate Magruder, intrepid reporter. She has come to cover a revolutionary pilgrimage: Russian’s minister of defense, Vladimir Malokov, nicknamed “Mad Vlad” for his wild and ruthless antics, has abruptly converted to Islam. But Kate’s real reason for following the flock is much more complicated. Her former field partner and ex-lover, John Stone, MLB star turned maverick journalist, may also be in Mecca—hot on the trail of loose nukes. As Stone demonstrated in a disturbing video message, virtually anyone can stroll into any one of the Soviet Union’s many ill-secured nuclear storage facilities, scoop up handfuls of bomb-grade plutonium, and, with the help of a hunk of cannon (easily bought or, almost as easily, stolen), whip up a working model of the Hiroshima “gun-barrel bomb.” Apparently, a lot of potent nuclear material has gone missing and, if Stone’s hunches prove right, have fallen into the hands of Mad Vlad—or someone even more dangerous.

To add aggravation to Kate’s anxiety, her mother, Lydia Lozen (L.L.) Magruder, still a force to reckon with at age eighty-one, is increasingly tormented by her visions. The great-granddaughter of an Apache shaman, L.L. has seen glimpses of darkness since childhood. But now, her dreams of the End of Time come in horrific detail, with bombs that actually speak to her. From her private oasis and impenetrable fortress in the Sonoran Desert, L.L. masterfully runs her global media empire. Yet, as Kate begins to fear, her mother and her ex-lover share a sense of foreboding much too powerful and plausible not to be taken seriously. Kate also has unsettling inklings of her own about President Ali al-Haddad of Dar-al-Suhl, a small country near Turkey with a bellyful of oil. Studying his picture, taken on his recent goodwill visit to Moscow, Kate can’t shake the feeling that something about Ali and the two women photographed with him, identified as his sisters, seems…frightening. Driven by a huge cast of fully drawn characters, END OF DAYS is filled with hard facts about real-world nuclear security risks and vivid depictions of the probable fallout. Along the way, Gleason compels readers to consider:

  • Formidable nuclear weapons like the Black Stealth Crow, “a creature of inconceivable cunning, elusive as smoke, invisible as night,” designed to evade infrared detectors, change shade in a flash, and hide in plain sight;
  • The catastrophic impact of a nuclear terrorist strike on Beijing…or on New York City’s lower east side, decimating Wall Street;
  • Hellfire on earth—ignited by nuking the Yellowstone caldera, a gigantic, super-volcanic crater. Such a blast would wreak the unspeakable—a hurricane of blazing embers, a cyclone of infernal ashes, and mountains of debris—across most of the U.S. and southern Canada.

Packed with shocking twists and earth-shattering possibilities, END OF DAYS is, in the words of New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston, “terrifying, outrageous, eerily prescient” and, to quote New York Times bestselling author Whitley Strieber, “unforgettable.” Grounded in meticulous research, END OF DAYS is also a chilling cautionary tale of what ultimately will happen if our current state of lax nuclear security and unchecked nuclear proliferation persists.


Pre-Order Your Copy

End of Days will be released on September 20, 2011. Have a hard cover copy shipped to you as soon as it is available. Get it at any of these fine booksellers:

Upcoming Live Appearances

Robert Gleason appear will for four hours on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on 9/6/11 from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM PST and that same night from 1:00 AM to 5:00 EST.

The author will appear on The Mancow Experience with Mancow Muller from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM CST on 9/8/11.

Speaking at George Mason University near Washington DC on 10/13/11, he will discuss how skilled terrorists can foment nuclear Armageddon in the US and around the world.

Robert Gleason appears on The History Channel

On Prophets of Doom, Gleason observes: "nuclear terrorism ... is the reductio ad absurdum of warfare."


What You Need to Know About

Robert Gleason and End of Days

  • Fact: Robert Gleason spent 28 years researching nuclear terrorism for End of Days, and in it presents a pseudo-fiction tome based on the very real fact that terrorists have the means to acquire nuclear weapons;
  • Fact: Featured in the recent History Channel’s two-hour special, “Prophets of Doom,” Robert Gleason is also considered by the History Channel to be one of the preeminent experts on nuclear proliferation;
  • Fact: As End of Days will document, crashing airlines can also shatter a reactor’s containment shell and melt a reactor down, and Robert Gleason can explain how shockingly vulnerable U.S. power plants are to all style of attacks;
  • Fiction and Fact: End of Days outlines a world awash in bomb fuel–enough for 40,000 Hiroshimas. The idea that bomb-building technology is sold openly, by governments and on the black market, is not far-fetched. Yemini detainee Salman Yehah Kasa Hassan was said to have asserted that “an associate of his brother was apprehended attempting to sell uranium for $500,000.” The material was allegedly seized by officials in Yemen and was “rumored to have disappeared in a transaction,” with bin Laden, one document states;
  • Fact: The book also states that once terrorists have the bomb-fuel, making a nuke is easy;
  • Fact: Gleason can come on-camera accompanied by national experts, including former high-ranking members of the military and previous administrations, all who support Gleason’s claims in the book.
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